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Merry Christmas (English Version)

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

The Jew Jesus was born

Jesus was a Jew, but the Jews did not believe him at the time, yet the world celebrated his birth?

Christmas is coming, and the Western calendar is a day to commemorate the birth of Jesus by Westerners. It commemorates the sacrifice of sinners and even people can find saved lives by believing in Him.

Jesus was a Jew, and he used the Jewish calendar. When Jesus was born, the Jews did not accept him because Jesus pointed out that There was hypocrisy in the Jewish Church, and Jesus was finally nailed to the cross.

Because the Jews had forgotten God's salvation and committed many sins to them, and even destroyed the country, the time began in 586 BC. At that time, God knew to the Jewish prophets who dedicated themselves to the Lord that there would be a savior to save Israel in the future.

Countries, and the Jews are still looking forward to their savior when they are invaded and governed by different countries

However, the Jews have always thought that this savior would appear gorgeously and dazzlingly. Who knew that this savior would be born in a manger and do the work of serving people in the world.

The Dead Sea Scriptures were discovered in 1947. They are mainly sheepskin manuscripts of the Old Testament. This discovery makes archaeologists more vigorous to study the authenticity and assurance of the Bible

Today, we should believe that the Jews of the nation of Israel can believe that Jesus is the Savior that He has been waiting for, so that they can have repentance and accept God's heart of reunification and unity.

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