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About Privacy

When a customer submits his/her personal data to GALATIA, it is assumed that GALATIA may make use of such data to complete a transaction.

GALATIA shall not acquire a customer's personal data without his/her consent.  The personal data acquired from customers are for GALATIA's internal use only except in the case when GALATIA need to pass such data to a third party, a logistics company for instance, in order to complete a transaction.

GALATIA may record a website browser's IP address and his/her browsing activities in the website.  This is for analysing GALATIA's website traffic in order to improve our website quality.

GALATIA will make use of customer's data, for example email, mobile phone number and others, for promotion use.  If a customer does not want to receive such promotion materials from GALATIA, please inform us through email or WhatsApp.

About Comments and Posts

GALATIA reserves the rights to delete all comments and posts that involve aggressive, pornographic, violent, threatening, racist or discriminatory contents.

About Copyright

All contents included in or made available through the GALATIA website, such as product designs, text, graphics, logos, images, and audio/video clips, are the properties of GALATIA and are protected by copyright laws. GALATIA reserves the right to seek all remedies available at law against any use of the above-mentioned contents without GALATIA's express written consent.  

​* GALATIA reserves the right at any time to amend, modify or discontinue the services and applicable terms and conditions without prior notice.

About Website

If, due to any external and uncontrollable factors, GALATIA Website shall experience a breakdown and, if such breakdown shall lead to incomplete transactions, loss of data or records, GALATIA should NOT be held liable.  However, customers can rest assure that GALATIA shall try their best to remedy the situation and minimize the loss on customers' side.

GALATIA Website may include external links that are not under GALATIA's management.  As such, GALATIA shall not be responsible for the privacy policy and the content of these links.  Yet, GALATIA Website will provide these links to customers for the ease of navigating specific information.

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